Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Swim Team!

Years ago I was riding my mountain bike in Susanville Ranch on the way to Desmond Meadows wondering if this would be the day I would make it through the infamous rock garden. The rock garden is like a dry stream bed of large rocks with a vague trail you could pick your way through, and over, the rocks. I had never made it the whole way. What’s this? Here comes a woman with a Burley baby carrier attached to the back of her bike, she had just come from the rock garden WITH A BABY! That is Camille Buehler. I had heard about her from her husband, Sean, a Champion Mountain biker, but never met before.

Camille is an all around athlete but her real love is swimming, since she was 8 or 9. On her way to earning her Masters in Civil Engineering she coached and was a USC Division 1 College swimmer. Career wise she served 2 years as the Assistant Engineer for City of Susanville then started her own engineering firm which she’s had for 15 years, that firm even helped design the Skyline road. Did I mention she did all this while raising 3 beautiful children. Since we didn’t have a community pool Camille gave LoCaL kids swimming lessons in her backyard pool for 4 years, the last year she had 40 kids! Can you even imagine how excited she is that we have a pool? So excited in fact she wants to start a Swim Team. Go Camille, I wouldn’t expect anything less. 

We are so HOMETOWN PROUD to have people like Camille, always making our community a better place to live!

The Community Pool schedule and lots of other useful info can be found at

*Green Grocerette life hack comes from my daughter Cyndi~ If you need to store cut avocado store keep the pit, it’ll keep it from turning.

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