Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mr Wizard

Mr Wizard we like to call him. Well. Maybe it’s just me. No matter Martin Balding IS a wiz when it comes to keeping Susanville SuPeR green and he’s been doing it for about 17 years now. For instance, we don’t use air conditioning. Can you believe that? We use our refrigeration to cool the store. On the coolers that have doors, more shopping equals more cooling just when we need it since the entrance/exits are opening more. Genius. Since we use more of our energy to cool our cases it keeps the food fresher. What?! Less spoilage?! We use our compressors to heat our water. Changing to LED lighting was a 30% reduction in the whole store with the exemption of the LED motion lights in the freezers and refrigerators…those are a 90% reduction. Martin painted the roof white to reflect heat. AND so much more. Martin believes there isn’t another store in the state that uses less electricity.
Martin has a Masters in Industrial Arts and started his career teaching. He began noticing the school he worked for had things running all the time, he took a couple of energy classes and earned an Energy Auditor Certificate. Martin went to the principal and asked if he could have 10 students to run energy audits at the school. The savings to that school ended up being significant and soon he was applying for grants and auditing 5 high schools. He did things they said couldn’t be done, like using the exhaust from a cogeneration system to heat the pool.
When Martin came here we had a 3 year contract, it ended 14 years ago. Mr Wizard is part of our Susanville Super Family and we’re so very lucky to have him. Always full of new, innovative ideas, he even helps me by sending ideas for the Community Corner! Martin told me this is family, it isn’t just about the work, we have camaraderie. I agree!
Martin is married to the most lovely Janet. They have 3 ‘kids', 5 grand children, 3 great-grandchildren and will celebrate 60 years of marriage this September.

Thank you for keeping us Susanville SuPeR Green Martin!
*Green Grocerette tip of the week~ Martin cooks his Sweet Potatoes/Yams in the pressure cooker. Thanks for the tip Martin.

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