Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Rick's Hometown Proud Photography

When we expanded and remodeled the Bakery/Deli kitchen we ended up with a very long hallway to our bathrooms. This looked like a blank canvas just screaming to have some of my favorite, uber talented, photographer’s art displayed! He has such an eye for beauty it is incredibly hard to choose but hopefully by the time you read this I’ll have both sides of the hall completed. 

The plan was local beauty and events BUT what about all the sights from our National Parks? We must share those! I played a little fast and loose with ‘local’ too. I consider Highway 395 ours, all the way to Lone Pine. Sacramento Valley, well yeah, that feels like home to me. Anyway, I hope you enjoy Rick’s art as much as I do, we are indeed fortunate  to be surrounded by such majesty.

Ansel Adams said “You don't take a photograph, you make it.” I have been blessed to be right there when every photograph was made and the one of Rick in Bryce Canyon National Park I even made.


Lots of new additions!

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