Monday, March 12, 2018

Sheriff Dean Growdon

Exactly what anyone would want in a community leader. That’s what I think as I look at Lassen County Sheriff Dean Growdon’s Facebook page. Dean, wife Carol and their two sons pictured, hiking Lassen Park or competing in cycling and/or running events (at the Courage Run, Dean and his sons even took 2nd place!). Doing the Rocky pose at the finish of the Police Unity Tour. Volunteering with Rotarians to line our Main st with American Flags. Coaching JV Basketball at the High School.

One of my favorite pics was taken last December when Dean graduated with a Master of Justice Management degree from UNR, of course the family was there, looking as proud as can be. This had to be a lot of added stress, full time job, family and pursuing a Masters. Why? He said it was for personal and professional growth but also to show his kids it can be done.

I wanted to know what makes our Sheriff’s department such a stand out. I can feel the respect and concern they all have for each other. Sheriff Growdon says it’s their culture. They look at what they CAN do, not what difficulties they face. When a position needs to be filled they hire LoCaLs that care about our community, a person that will make their team better.

Sheriff Growdon is definitely part of the team. More than willing to get goofy and have fun but never give up who he is at the core.

What can we do to help? There is a lot of misinformation out there, Dean encourages you to check it out for yourself, learn what’s really happening from the Deputies, and get this, you can go on a ride along! Even cooler, I can go on a ride along!! Applications are available at the Sheriff’s Department.

We are so Hometown Proud to have Sheriff Dean Growdon! Thanks for all you and your entire department do for all of us every, single day!

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