Friday, August 10, 2018

Belfast Petroglyphs

On the Summer Solstice each year LoCaL Historian Tim Purdy takes a tour group out Belfast road to see the petroglyphs. When the sun comes up on that day it shines through a triangle of rocks and illuminates the petroglyphs on the back wall of the small cave. Wow. It’s an awesome sight. As a matter of fact here’s what Tim says about the event:

"Were you aware that the Belfast petroglyph site also serves as ancient observatory? This event only occurs on the morning of the summer solstice when the sun enters a chamber highlighting a variety of glyphs, among other things. It is quite the sight to see.”

One year a few of my IGA family and I joined the tour which meets at 5 am, not all that early for grocers. I’m sure there were at least 20 folks there. Not only are there petroglyphs in the cave but EVERYWHERE. We climbed all over the rocks finding new glyphs with each turn. Incredible to see messages from Native Americans dating back 2000 years just 10 minutes from town!

I went back a few days later to explore a little more and truly encourage everyone to do the same. Please be respectful of the area so it remains for many more generations to come.

Just another piece of our Hometown History~

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