Friday, August 10, 2018

25 years of service!

When we came, here 25 years ago, Frank Schickel was already working in the market. He worked in the bakery, which was leased out, for a while. I was handling the system that loads all our pricing into the registers. Back then you needed to understand DOS to really get things done on a computer. I didn’t. In passing I would say things like, I wish the computer would figure out this or that for me (I’ve blocked out the DOS days so I can’t give specifics :) . The next morning I would have a note on my desk telling me the command to make this happen in language even I understood. Turns out our night time floor guy, Frank, is a genius. In the last 25 years he has done everything from floors to bookkeeping.


Frank has fixed a whole lotta computers for us and everyone else he knows plus he buys our crew pink hardhats during remodel, screaming eagle hats for the 4th, straw cowboy hats for fair, etc, etc. So FUN. . Then there was the time he had the foresight to buy 3000 eclipse glasses to just give away to his community. Frank’s generosity doesn’t stop there. Once, maybe 20 years ago, I was collecting donations for a crew member’s family that suffered a tragedy. Frank handed me $100, when I paused he said “what am I gonna do with it?”. That’s Frank. Ever wonder why our total donations are even amounts, like Matt Lively $3000 or Crohns and Colitis Foundation $5000, it’s because Frank rounds it up out of his own pocket. We all know he’s the first and the last to give to our collections.

Thanks for all you do Frank Schickel. You’re one of our Hometown Heroes!

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